Cairns Photographers & Videographers

4870 Studios extends a specialised service catered to those seeking photography and videography for their brand, but might require assistance with the use of high-end equipment. Our photographers and videographers are skilled professionals ready to capture, edit, and deliver exceptional content tailored to your needs.


Whether it’s capturing the essence of your product or conveying a professional image through corporate headshots, our expert team plans, guides and ensures that the final output is of the highest quality, allowing you to focus on your brand while we handle the entire technical creative process.

Corporate Headshots

Multiple backdrop options, lighting configurations and equipment available.

E-Commerce Photography

Macro & portrait lenses, studio lighting, lightboxes, stands, backdrops, and props.

Fashion Photography

Dressing room, makeup station and a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.


Professional interviewing space with a selection of furniture and props.

Brand Stories

Tell the story behind your brand and create a valuable marketing tool.


In a single session, we'll deliver enough content to maximise your campaign outcomes.

Experienced Crew
Fast Turnaround
Broadcast Quality
Professional audio


Get Creating

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