Cairns Podcasting Studio Hire

Our podcast recording studio provides high-quality recording equipment within an environment optimised for exceptional sound and video quality. Our recording studio is equipped with extensive soundproofing measures with customisable lighting options to ensure your recordings are unique and of the highest quality.


Whether you’re looking for a podcast studio for interviews, storytelling, or educational content, our space is customised to meet your requirements. Our team are here to assist in delivering the necessary support to ensure seamless podcast sessions and the production of recordings at the highest standard.

Live Feeds

Real-time live streaming with the ability to switch cameras and edit on-the-go.

Record, Edit & Publish

Edit yourself or entrust our production specialists to enhance and deliver your content.

Conferences & Remote Linkups

Reliable high-speed internet connection within a soundproof, private environment.

60 inch
Smart TV
Lighting & Cameras
Acoustic Treated
4 Seater layout


Get Creating

Get started now! Schedule your spot today at our Cairns-based studio.